Highlighter Ink (C series & CL Series)

1.General Information.
NNW highlighter inks are ranged into C205 and CL205 series. All the products are brilliant-colored and show no trace on photocopying.

2.Storage and Handling.
*CAUTION: The inks must be stored dry indoor below 30 and avoid strong sunlight.
*Ink containers must be closed tightly.
*The filling station must be cleaned and maintained carefully. Any contamination may result in color mismatch or instability of the ink system.
*The full coordination test of inks and writing device component is recommended.

3.Certificates, Approvals and Regulations.
ASTM D4236, ASTM F963, EN71-9, EN71-3, TRA, USP51, USP61+62, SVHC, PAH, etc.

One year quality guarantee

Plastic containers: 20kg net or 1,000kg net.


C205 water-based highlighter Pigment Ink

CL205 water-based highlighter Dye Ink

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