White Board Ink (D Series)

1.General Information.
NNW white board ink D205 series contains standard 4-colors and others. All the products are brilliant-
colored with long cap-off time. They are easy to wipe off when dried and have a low odor.

2.Storage and Handling.
*CAUTION: The inks must be stored dry indoor below 30 and avoid strong sunlight.
*Ink containers must be closed tightly.
*IF exist any sediment dont use.
*The full coordination test of inks and writing device component is recommended.
*Ink must be poured out gently before use and avoid shake.

3.Certificates, Approvals and Regulations.
ASTM D4236, ASTM F963, EN 71-9, EN 71-3, Phthalate tests, SVHC, TRA, etc.

One year quality guarantee and half year quality guarantee for colored ink.

Plastic containers: 20kg net.

The inks are highly flammable. Please store and transport in accordance with relative regulations.
The finished marker pen must be stored horizontally to avoid problems regarding ink flow or color intensity.
Markers must be recapped after use to avoid dryness.


D205 White Board Ink

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