Fabric Marker Ink (TX series, Z series)

1. General Information.
NNW fabric marker ink contains T205 and Z205 series. TX205 series has high color fastness
and can be applied to all kinds of fabrics. The color mark fixes quickly under room temperature
and no ironing is required. Z205 series can be applied to the PVC silk cloth and has high color
fastness, no problems of dyeing and staining after washing.

2. Storage and Handling.
CAUTION: The inks must be stored dry indoor below 30≧ and avoid strong light.
Ink must be put in black container and airtight, protect it from light.
All parts in contact with ink must be keep clean during operation. Any of contamination may result in color mismatch or instability of the ink system.
When finished writing on the fabric, the ink shall take one hour for color fixation under room temperature in order to maintain its color fastness.

3.Certificates, Approvals and Regulations.
ASTM D4236, ASTM F963, EN71-3, EN 71-9, SVHC, Tests of three Benzene contains (Benzene,
Toluene & Xylene), PAH, TRA, etc.

One year.

Plastic containers: 20kg net.

6. Remarks:
The cap must be closed after writing, prevent the ink from drying.



TX205 and Z205 Fabric Marker Ink

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